Our company prides itself on its service and that is why our the staff of Villa Eva, Villa Maria and Hotel Giordano are on hand to deal with any requests that you or your guests have during your stay with us.

Our restaurant business was started in 1934 with "Nonna Orsola" in the kitchen and the tradition continues with the famous cooking school that bears her name.

The restaurant serves exclusively the produce of its organic garden and our cuisine, which is the same as Villa Maria, is recommended by the most imported culinary magazines.

Its reputation has prompted the BBC to send first Lloyd Grossman and then Chef Carluccio to film our cooks in the kitchen. Video footage of our chefs in action has appeared on the programme "This Morning", led by the same Lloyd Grossman, who was very enthusiastic and has been publishing our recipes in his cookbook.

David Rocco, the Canadian television star, has stated that he was inspired by recipes from Nonna Orsola and some of our recipes have featured four times in his own cooking program "David Rocco's Dolce Vita".


The reception can be accompanied at all times with music. If you wish for live music, we can get you in contact with a company that we have used for weddings in the past and they can arrange any type of music, from classical to jazz to Neapolitan classics for you.


You should not overlook this aspect, as it contributes to making yours and your guests' stay as pleasant as possible. The newlyweds are our guests in one of the rooms of the adjacent Villa Maria. For friends and relatives either Hotel Villa Maria or Hotel Giordano, both of which offer 4 star accommodation, are only moments away from Villa Eva. Since the two hotels are close and to avoid competition, the Hotel Giordano applies 3-star prices. For further information on room prices you can visit